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Welcome to the PNGO

Every individual has the right to life, liberty, and freedom of expression. PNGO is an initiative that works towards the betterment of society as a whole. We want the underprivileged to have a sound standard of living so that they can take care of the well-being of themselves and their family.

PNGO is a community that was born out of the need to help people who are under duress for many reasons or belong to the marginalized sections of society. It is the responsibility of the citizens of India to take initiative to give a new life to the people who cannot do it for themselves.

PNGO is one such non-profit organization that has been doing its bit by empowering vulnerable communities and working towards improving their lives. We help them by providing good security, sustainable housing, and give them the life skills that they require to be able to function in society.

We have been extremely active during the Covid-19 pandemic, as a major section of the society did not have access to the basic means of livelihood. We feel grateful to almighty for offering us the privilege to provide the needy with food, ration, and other basic essential items on a daily basis so that nobody is helpless and starving.

Covid Relief Work Done by PNGO amidst the lockdown

The Covid-19 Pandemic has affected the entire nation and has brought even more despair for the underprivileged and deprived. PNGO has been really active ever since the advent of the Covid-19 Pandemic and has been working to provide basic amenities to the people who do not have a way to even afford a single meal in a day.

We are actively fundraising to support the migrant workers, malnourished children, children who were orphaned and women who were widowed due to Covid and daily wage labourers along with many other marginalised communities. If you decide to open up your heart to the people who lost their families due to the pandemic, you could be helping so many individuals to start afresh.


What makes us different?

One small step can lead to a great change in the world.

Helping the underprivileged

There are many people we come across on a daily basis who are unable to take care of themselves and their families. PNGO is a community that works towards endowing the deprived and helping them get on their feet.

A new life for orphans

Our motive is to make a difference to a child’s life by helping them get access to basic amenities and the fundamental right to education so that they can have a brighter future. Your one small part can help to entirely change the future of a child to get rid of poverty and live an accomplished life.

Supporting women

Women have been deprived of the right to control their life. We want to help women to get access to opportunities that allow them to realize their potential and have a life that they deserve. You can help to transform a woman’s life by playing your part and making her earn a respectable place in the society.


Volunteer Positions Available

In keeping with its philosophy of ‘Real Work Real Change’, Foundation , an NGO in Delhi, India to support the underserved, has taken its intervention into the interiors of India, reaching the unreached in the remotest of rural areas and urban slums with our services and making this helping foundation in India, the best NGO in India.

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“Help to bring a change in another human’s life”

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Your donations have changed lives.

A small amount can change the life of a child; through education, nutrition, and basic protection, children can lead normal lives. The adjacent graph is a representation of how we have utilised your donations.

Give the gift of live to those who need it by partnering with PNGO today.