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We, at PNGO Federation, being a top charity foundation in India want to create a world where everyone gets a second chance at life.

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What do we do?

PNGO Federation is one of the best charity organizations in India that works towards building a community where no individual, child, or adult is forced to live a life of despair. Being one of the top NGOs, we want to create a sustainable life for the helpless and needy while helping them to attain a reasonable quality of life. We provide opportunities and also assist the deprived class with housing and educational requirements.

Our Programs

Being a prime NGO in Prayagraj, it’s our mission to help people get freedom from poverty by organizing a huge number of helpful donation campaigns and helping them get the chance to a better life. We are an NGO for homeless in India as we provide the needy people shelter, food, medicines, and fulfill other basic needs.

Covid-19 affected people

The Covid-19 pandemic was a challenge for every individual, be it rich or poor. PNGO Federation, being one of the best donation sites in India works for every section of the society who has suffered in lieu of the pandemic to rebuild their life and start afresh. We provide them with shelter if they have lost their homes, food, and other needed amenities are fulfilled to help them lead a better life.

Helping Orphans start a new life

PNGO, a helping organization in India has a special program where we support orphans who do not have anyone to look after them. We arrange for their housing and also ensure that they get their basic fundamental right to be educated.

Women Empowerment

Women deserve to be considered as equal and valuable members of the society. At PNGO Federation, an online donation platform, our mission is to empower women who have been deprived of the right to do so and let them build a life for themselves and their families.


Helping the needy

Poverty has been the evil root behind the backwardness of our country. Only if we all, at an individual level work towards eliminating it our country would take a leaps towards becoming a developed nation. Our goal, being a supreme NGO in Lucknow, is to eradicate poverty as a whole.


Helping the people with special-needs

In today’s time, we need to promote focused initiatives for the welfare of the differently-abled individuals. They should be treated the same as everyone and to do that, the thinking of the people needs to change. We, being one of the best charity in India help them by creating infrastructure for their needs and help them to live a happy and independent life.

Our Vision

At PNGO federation, being one of the best NGO websites in India, our mission is to create an India that is fully aware and supportive of all sections of the society who need to be assisted and to build a world that is accepting and welcoming them as equal individuals.

Our Mission

We, one of the best NGOs in India empower youths, children, women, poverty-hit people and aged individuals who need help in fending for themselves and take steps that act as stepping blocks to success on a pathway of CHANGE.


What makes us different?

One small step can lead to a great change in the world.

Helping the underprivileged

There are many people we come across on a daily basis who are unable to take care of themselves and their families. PNGO Federation, a top NGO in Prayagraj, India is a community that works towards endowing the deprived and helping them get on their feet.

A new life for orphans

Our motive is to make a difference to a child’s life by helping them get access to basic amenities and the fundamental right to education so that they can have a brighter future. Your one small donation for orphanage can help to entirely change the future of a child to get rid of poverty and live an accomplished life.

Supporting women

Women have been deprived of the right to control their life. Being an NGO for women in India, we want to help women to get access to opportunities that allow them to realize their potential and have a life that they deserve. You can help to transform a woman’s life by playing your part and making her earn a respectable place in the society.


Volunteer Positions Available

In keeping with its philosophy of ‘Real Work Real Change’, Foundation , an NGO in Delhi, India to support the underserved, has taken its intervention into the interiors of India, reaching the unreached in the remotest of rural areas and urban slums with our services and making this helping foundation in India, the best NGO in India.

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PNGO has been tirelessly working towards helping millions of people around the country to get access to basic amenities like clean water and electricity as well as education to build a life for themselves. We plan to reach out to families in different states of India to help them rebuild their lives and communities.
Attaining education is a fundamental right for every child in the world, no matter where he/she comes from. PNGO ensures that every child gets access to basic education so that they can live a life they deserve.
We are dedicated towards helping women and children who have been titled as outcasts and are not even given the basic support like a house and food. We have been helping families and orphaned children with food, clothing and shelters so that they are not left to roam around the streets.
It often happens during certain situations of tension, like riots or acts of war in a particular area, that houses of the underprivileged people are destroyed and they are left homeless. PNGO helps people in these emergency situations by taking them to safehouses where they are not in any danger.

How can you help make a difference?

We are in the midst of one of the severest humanitarian crises in over a century. A small effort on your part can help us to develop strategies that will cater to many crises that are being faced by the most vulnerable and disadvantaged families, children, and communities.

Give the gift of live to those who need it by partnering with PNGO today.