How Important is NGO for Old-age Citizens in India?

India is seeing a new rising pattern of abuse towards senior citizens in India. After an age, at the time when the person needs extra care, help, and love, they are banished from their homes. The younger generation ousts them thinking they are a burden to them. They feel old people are a hindrance in their versatile and energetic life. They forget that the elderly whom they are casting out have devoted their whole life to nurturing them, sacrificing their days and nights. At the age when the old person’s mental and physical condition is not to par when they have to rely on others for every second task, they are thrown out of their homes. Now you will be thinking about what is the need for an NGO here! What role do they play and how important is NGO for old-age citizens in India?

Let’s find an answer to all your questions. But before jumping in to find answers about the raised queries, let’s know in brief about what an NGO is!

What is an NGO?

An NGO or non-governmental organization is an institution that is not dependent on any governmental institute. They are specially formed for the betterment of people in need, for the development of poor people, orphan children, old aged people, women in need, etc. There are many top NGOs in India who dedicate themselves to the betterment of the environment, animals, plants, the ozone layer, etc. They are for all different types of humanitarian causes and don’t stop till they achieve their goals. Even after the completion of goals, they set long-term goals and try to change the world and make it a better place.

How does the NGO come in the scenario for old-aged people?

The NGOs who dedicate themselves to helping old-aged people first try to understand what the needs of these people are! Whether the elderly one is in need of proper healthcare, medical assistance, personal assistance, shelter, food, or any other such amenity. Then the non-governmental firms chalk out a plan to help them so that the experienced treasure of our country can live with dignity and in peace. There are many innovative NGOs in India who are finding new ways to cope with the challenge and make the lives of older citizens happy.  

They serve them nutritious food, a good place to live in, a place where they can interact with other fellow members. As when they feel they are not alone who are suffering, the pain seems to mitigate a bit as they share their feelings with other people. They provide comfortable clothes and those in need of medical assistance are provided with that. It is cautiously seen that no one ill-treats or badmouths them so that all around them are only good vibes.

What is the need for an NGO for elderly people?

The small and top charity organizations in India are playing an important role in the upheaval of the lives of the elderly. The alarming rise in the cases of abuse against old people has made NGOs come forward and fight for the cause.

If we look at the WHO report, there are different types of abuses that older people go through in their daily lives. 

  • They go through physical abuse in which they go through physical torture by relatives or any other person who is closer or distant to them. 
  • Psychological or emotional abuse in which they are so much disregarded that it makes them go into depression and isolation. 
  • The financial abuse in which they don’t have any financial independence. They have to depend on the relative for even smaller needs. Then also they are not given any monetary security.

The people who have been independent for quite a long time. Those who have been running their whole family. Now they have to depend on their son, daughter, or any other relative for money matters. And this drives them insane. The mentioned abuses make them go into their shell and sometimes they commit suicide. According to the HelpAge survey of 2014, 50% of the elderly have gone through one or other type of abuse.

Though the government has run some social helpline numbers. The abused person can call 24×7 and get help in case of any mishappening. But many people keep silent as they succumb to societal stigmas. They fear isolation and in that fear, they keep bearing such brutalities. The NGOs offer their helping hand to such destitute people and try to take them out of their isolation. There have been cases in which the seniors try to hide the crimes of their children. Why do they do so? The answer is pretty simple. Just so that they can live with them.

How does an NGO help the old people?

  • The NGOs help the elder person by providing them with a place to live. And a person cannot feel secure if s/he doesn’t have a place to live in.
  • They provide healthy and nutritional food to maintain their frail bodies. The elder people need nutritional food at such an age the body needs extra care. 
  • There are many who are in need of medical care and assistance and no one to look after. The NGOs provide them with healthcare assistance so that they live in the best shape.
  • They provide financial security to them. By engaging them with some easy tasks like basket making, crafts, or any other work. This increases their engagement and they feel they can still help society.

Thus, it might be clear now how important is NGO for old-age citizens in India! We see that it is of utmost significance that NGOs come forward by taking the matter into hand. They are the ones who have to come forward to help elderly people in India. When they feel strengthened, they will not be in any fear and will live their lives the way they want. PNGO Federation, an NGO in India is changing the lives of destitute old people. We provide them with food, medical care, clothes, and fulfill their other needs. If you also want to change the lives of such people, contact us, or donate to us for a better tomorrow. We are present online also so that you can help them from the confines of your home, office, or wherever you are. Donate now and change lives.

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