What is Role of an NGO in Orphan Child lives?

Children are pure, innocent, and truthful beings and they require utmost love and respect. They’ve got the right to good education and an opportunity in society to grow as good citizens. A child needs a family to care for and nurture their childhood, thus building confidence to face the world. There are, unfortunately, millions of children who live without any support, care, or a roof to shelter them. They’re often forced to live in inhumane conditions. We often refer to such helpless children as orphans.  An orphan is a person who has lost his or her parents and is, therefore, left alone with nobody to take care of them. The role of an NGO cannot be understated in situations like these.

Who are orphans?

Orphans are the ones whose parents have died and they don’t have immediate family to look after them. Or the ones who are thrown out of their homes in case of no parents and left to fend for themselves. With our busy schedules, we may fail to realize the pain and suffering orphaned children go through every day.

Personal Experience

Let me share an experience with you about a little girl, I met. She was a seven-year-old girl who was wearing worn-out clothes with tears in her eyes standing in the furthest corner. Tightly holding on to a picture of her parents and tears in her eyes, she had lost all hope at such a tender age.  She missed the days when her parents were close to her. She had no worries or pain during those times. Nobody to stop her from playing and laughing. She was carefree with her friends. She had lost her parents at a very young age.

Her father was a member of the army. He sacrificed his life protecting his country. Her mother committed suicide shortly after as she could not handle the depression from untimely losing someone so close.  The girl was in desperate need of people to look after her and care for her just like in old times. It’s really astounding to see how strong her little heart is to survive such major losses one after another at such a young age. I admire the bravery, compassion, and resilience in this little girl.

We should be thankful that we weren’t experiencing such a loss but never forget about children like her. Be that ‘someone’ for an orphan who brings the light to the life of such kids. Donate now to orphan children at PNGO Federation to help children like her complete their education today so that they can look forward to a brighter future tomorrow. 

Education and basic amenities like food and shelter are vital to every child. It is their birthright. There are numerous organizations and human rights bodies that work for the welfare of these orphaned children. These children need to know-how education in a healthy atmosphere can bring about a change in their life. They should be given equal opportunities in all aspects and be one with the open society. 

Role of an NGO in helping these orphans:

The role of an NGO in India (Non-Governmental Organization) is to take up the initiative for providing help to the children who have lost their parents and have no place to go further. The best NGOs in India make permanent arrangements to bring a wholesome environment by providing every orphaned child with equal opportunities in the form of education and basic housing. They help to develop innovative ideas and extend the quality of primary education.  Volunteers can visit so that the orphan child can have exposure to the outside world. Some top NGOs work towards providing opportunities to these children by providing them admission to schools, providing food, clothes, etc. This makes them feel that they’ve got the required support and thus will grow up to be respectable members of a family. Children are taught about human rights so that they can speak up whenever any unpleasant incident occurs. They should be well protected by laws. From the biggest NGOs in the world to the smallest, all make sure to safeguard the human rights of orphan children.

In the last 2 years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is the children who have suffered the most. Over 15 lakh children globally have lost a parent, a custodial, a co-residing grandparent, or other older relative. An estimated 1.2 lakh of these children are from India. It’s now more than ever when these charity foundations in India are providing their help. Children are the future of this country and each one of them counts.

To bring about changes in these deprived children, we can all act together. The government should make permanent arrangements to bring a wholesome environment by providing every orphaned child with equal opportunities. They must be provided with all basic needs like food, clothes, and shelter. 

PNGO Federation is among the top charity organizations in India. We are an NGO in Prayagraj, India who offer specialized programs where orphans are provided with support who don’t have anyone to look after them. We arrange for housing facilities and provide basic amenities to fulfill their basic fundamental right. You can also make contributions by donating to PNGO Federation to help these precious children have a better tomorrow. So, don’t wait. Donate now. You could be the reason someone might start believing in miracles.

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