3 Steps to Donate to Orphan Children in India

As of 2011, the last collected data, there are over 30 million orphaned children who don’t have the support of their families. And in this 30 million, very less number of children are in NGOs, orphanages, or any other institutions. As their parents have met some accidents, their families are not accepting them, or there is no one in the immediate family. Such kids need shelter, food, medical care, clothes, the right to education, and other such things. Along with it as they are of tender age, they need too much love, care, and time. There are many who want to donate to orphan children in India but don’t know how to do so. 

Moreover, they are scared of fraud and other such mishappening. If you are the one who keeps looking for the “best NGO near me”, or “best Top charity organizations in India” for giving donations to orphan children, then connection with good and trustworthy NGOs will let you help these destitute and needy children. Donations for orphan children are a good idea but it won’t harm if you do a bit of research and analysis before going for noble work.

Let’s look at the steps given below to help you find an easy way to donate to orphan children or NGOs/orphanages in India.

Only Registered NGOs/Orphanages/Charities

When you search on search engines about the best charities in India, you will find many NGOs, charity organizations, or orphanages that come up with the aim of seeking donations from you. But you should consider only the ones that are registered under the Juvenile Justice Act as there are many who are unregistered and are there only for the sake of looting money from you. The orphan children in such homes live in very unhealthy conditions and are even vulnerable to physical, sexual, mental abuse, trafficking, and child slavery.

But the registered NGO or such homes are a better place for donations as continuous checking takes place. When you register yourself to authorized NGOs, they aid you in helping the kids in need.

Choose your Cause

The NGOs have different resolutions and causes that help you in selecting the service you want to offer. Like the NGOs offer different causes like sponsor kids’ education, sponsor one orphan child, sponsor for kids, and others. You can choose whatever is near to your heart or speaks to you. Then after selecting it you can go with the donation and help brighten the lives of small kids.

Pay Smartly and Securely

  • Always make payment to registered charities only. As the unregistered ones will dupe your money off and the objective of you helping the orphan kids will go to drain. Now you might be thinking, how to be sure that the NGO that you are donating to is secure enough. To check this point out, see that the website has “HTTPS” in the address not only “HTTP”. As the website with “HTTPS” in the address signifies a fully secured website with an SSL certificate. The SSL certificate makes the website secure against phishing activities.
  • Also, the payment gateways that they are using should be authentic ones like UPI, CCAvenue, Razor Pay, and others. Such gateways offer total security and you can easily glide through the donation process during the whole donation process.
  • Privacy Statement should be on the website’s payment page. It should clearly state that it will not disclose your personal info, identity, payment info. As there have been many incidents when people become victims of illegal transactional processes. 

Thus, by following the above steps one can donate money to the orphan child in India easily and effortlessly. When you can’t physically go to help, the technology brings them to you so that you can change their lives. Everyone deserves a second chance in life. And with your generous donations, you give them the chance to lead a satisfactory and peaceful life.

PNGO Federation is one such NGO in Prayagraj that aims to provide a better life to orphan children. We provide food, clothes, medical supplies, and other basic amenities so that when they sleep at night, they have a smile on their face not a hand on their empty stomach. We use every single donation big or small with much vigor for uplifting the lives of the kids. So donate now to see the change.

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