Top 5 NGOs Helping Victims of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence, though not a new topic, leaves a scar on the victim’s mind. It is one of the most common and ugly practices in India that leaves women scathed. A report by the National Health and Family survey puts forward a worse picture. According to it one in every third of women faces one or another type of domestic or sexual violence starting right from the age of 15. The survey also reveals that 54.4% rural and 46.8% urban women are of the thought process that it is totally normal. There are many top charity foundations in India like the ones mentioned here, the NGOs helping victims, investing their time in saving them. 

In this world of patriarchy, women from a younger age only start doubting themselves. They feel that they are inferior to men somehow. In rural areas, they are still aloof from education. The misogynistic ideas make the women go through the abuse on a daily basis without feeling any indifference. The women succumb to all these issues. And don’t even go to seek justice in case of any violence against them.

What is domestic violence?

Most people always confuse domestic violence with the violence done by the husband but it is not restricted to that only. It is any violence carried on by relatives, fathers, brothers, in-laws, mothers, or any other at home. Dowry harassment is also a type of violence against women that has been proven deadly many times. It is a threat to women that they should not bear as there is an act against domestic violence. Under Section 498 A, the perpetrators can face imprisonment for up to 3 years.

Domestic violence, sexual abuse tears the concerned women from inside but there are many NGOs helping victims who have come forward to save the women from miseries. They start education programs as through education they know that violence is not something they have to live through their whole life. Some of them provide shelter homes so that the women who are banished from their homes can live under a roof and feel safe and secure. They also provide them with livelihood opportunities so that they don’t have to rely on any other male or another figure. They can have a life of their own and if they have a child, they can give a fear-free life to the child as well.

Let’s look at the top 5 NGOs for women that are changing their lives by helping them fight against domestic violence.

Guria India

It is an NGO helping victims of abuse. It dedicates its focus on the rescue of women in need and helping them start legal processes. They legally intervene in the matters like sexual assault, violence against women, domestic violence, and others. They prepare the women against their perpetrators so that they can get justice against them legally. From lodging FIR to fighting their case, they help the women prepare for every legal procedure. They help the destitute women in collecting the evidence and provide financial, mental, and moral support. They counsel each woman to the level that they can bravely face any legal trial without flinching and get justice.

ActionAid India

ActionAid India is a prime affiliate of ActionAid International. It is a global federation and one of the biggest NGOs in the world. They have a 24×7 crisis center named Gauravi that helps women of any age and minor boys who are a victim of sexual or domestic violence. The federation helps the victim with counseling, legal help, intervention in legal matters, medical help and care, shelter home, and social rehab so that they can also live their life with peace and dignity. Though they help the women and minor boys in legal matters, they don’t force them as sometimes when you force the victim their mental state deteriorates. When you donate to causes like this, you give the victims a fair chance to lead a life.

Urja Trust Foundation

Urja Trust Foundation is an NGO helping victims of domestic violence. They provide shelter to homeless women, the women who have run away from their home due to violence or are on the run due to trafficking or another such case. Shelter homes are for such women till they become financially capable. After that, they shift themselves to group homes.  They provide education in basic Math and English to the victims of trafficking, discrimination, prostitution, violence. This step makes them financially capable and helps them lead a good life.

Maitri India

It is a developmental NGO that aims to help the elderly widows of Vrindavan. They also help women who went through cruel and barbaric incidents. Their support and survivor programs give emotional, moral, legal, and other types of support to strengthen the women. The NGO has helped approximately 45000 people till now. They provide education, legal help, community reach, social rehabilitation, networking, and others so that deprived women don’t feel aloof from society. When they can connect with all, they understand what they have been going through. And recognition of the problem is the first step towards any solution. Donating to the women of domestic violence is the help that one can carry on today.

International Foundation for Crime Prevention and Victim Care

International Foundation for Crime Prevention and Victim Care (PCVC) is a support agency that helps domestic abuse victims and survivors. They indulge themselves in crisis management, legal help, advocacy, support, rehab, shelter, and other such services. They help the victims by putting together a team of psychologists, social workers, welfare officers, lawyers, and others. This doesn’t let the women feel alone, and they can fight against any crime.

Other than this, PNGO Federation is an NGO in Prayagraj that has been established during the COVID-19 lockdown seeing the bad shape the women were in. We have been alleviating the pain from their lives by supplying them with basic amenities. We are keen on giving a better life to the women whose husbands leave them. The women who never got any education and also have no one to look after. We provide fundamental medical assistance, food, education, and other such things that help women to lead better lives. Your donation matters a lot to us and to these needy women. For your feasibility, we are available online as well. You can help the lives from being anywhere in the world just by clicking on donate now at 

There are many other top NGOs and best donation websites in India other than the above-mentioned NGOs helping victims that are dedicating themselves to the betterment of the lives of women who are victims, survivors, or helping the women in need. You can also help the cause by donating to NGOs or the best charity websites in India.

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